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Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you have not known! Jer 3 V 33



(Come Back To God Campaign)

A missionary society at work in Great Britain today

Our school's Team





" FUN",





"We love having the team come in, your message is always excellent!"




We provide schools with EDUCATIONAL, FUN, INTERACTIVE and ENTERTAINING assemblies which are FREE.

We not only teach children the importance of TOLERANCE and RESPECT for all others regardless of religion, race and lifestyle but also teach religious education and what the Bible says about the Christian God.


Regular Topics covered are:

"How to cope with change - God says He doesn't change",

"Be yourself - God created you special",

"Respect others - Sin is taking what is not your right",

"Don't let your past affect your future - You can forgive and move on",

"Make your own choices - Find out if God is real for yourself", and many more...



We try our best to make every assembly MEMORABLE and we aim to teach subjects which SUPPORT THE CURRENT CURRICULUM. We are privileged to encourage the next generation to be RESPONSIBLE, CARING and CONSIDERATE CITZENS and always leave them with a challenge: don't just believe what you are told about religion and God but make your own choices and find out the truth for yourself


... if you want to know if God is real you can find out by asking Him.