Marilyn Paterson

Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you have not known! Jer 3 V 33



(Come Back To God Campaign)

A missionary society at work in Great Britain today

Marilyn Paterson

"What a voice"

is a phrase you will

not be surprised to hear when

Marilyn sings.


With over 30 years experience

as part of the Singers Marilyn

has a gift that has BLESSED so

many people.


An accomplished singer

and ANOINTED woman of

God, Marilyn's solos never

fail to bring people into the


Marilyn is a genuinely loving person and when she shares what the Lord lays on her heart people can not help but be CHALLENGED, ENCOURAGED and INSPIRED.





Marilyn's WISDOM and life experience gained by walking with God is evident in her singing and spoken ministry.




You can hear Marilyn sing on many of the Singers C.D's.