Roger Paterson

Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you have not known! Jer 3 V 33



(Come Back To God Campaign)

A missionary society at work in Great Britain today

Roger Paterson













This is a man of GREAT TALENT, if you have had the PRIVILEGE OF HEARING ROGER SING you will be very aware his voice is a GIFT FROM GOD.


Roger has a degree in music and continues to develop his talents with constant practice and hard work, yet what makes Roger different from others is the ANOINTING and CALL ON HIS LIFE. Roger was BORN TO SING and you only have to hear him once to be aware of this. Having walked with the Lord for many years now each song performed connects with the spirit of those present and it is IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO HEAR GOD'S VOICE.


Roger often precedes songs with testimonies to what God has done for him and shared with him, making an evening of Roger singing into a time spent in CLOSE FELLOWSHIP WITH NOT JUST MAN BUT GOD HIMSELF.