Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you have not known! Jer 3 V 33



(Come Back To God Campaign)

A missionary society at work in Great Britain today



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Our conferences are being fully updated and we are preparing to hold conferences on subjects relevent to the people of God today. Conferences are not holidays but are designed as teaching weekends or weeks. Our guests enjoy staying by the sea and going out but the main focus of our time together is the Lord and what He desire to teach us and bless us with.


Our guests are invited to stay at CB2G headquarters "Adelaide House" where the hospitality is wonderful. Please click the link below to learn more about Adelaide House.

Our teaching style is INTERACTIVE and ENTERTAINING since we believe that people learn better when they experience rather than simply listen. We also do all we can to give you the tools to find out the answers for yourself rather than telling you only what we believe; we are called to INSPIRE you to walk with God to hear from Him yourself.

We do all we can to give our guests time to RELAX and ENJOY the SEA and surroundings but are determined that you leave KNOWING GOD BETTER, Therefore we tailor every conference so that we all GAIN SPIRITUALLY as much as we can.

When you come to one of our NEW CONFERENCES you can be sure that you are in for a good weekend/week of WORSHIP, TEACHING, POWERFUL PRAYER AND FELLOWSHIP - not to mention outstandingly GOOD FOOD!


It is our desire to see people leave our conferences fully equipped with the skills they need to GAIN VICTORY in the areas we have studied and to achieve this we design our conferences around the WORD OF GOD.

Our week long conferences include an evening of FAMILY FUN (as they always have) giving us all an opportunity to get to know each others talents a little better and to enjoy one another more. When appropriate our other ministries feature in our conferences: the singers may hold a CONCERT EVENING and the CB2G players take part in the teaching through DRAMA. There are also WORKSHOPS, PRAISE MEETINGS and teaching SEMINARS.

Conferences are a special time because we have SEPARATED OURSELVES to sit at Jesus' feet and hear from Him. Our guests have been GREATLY BLESSED through attending CB2G conferences and GIVING GOD A CHANCE to change them.

We offer HEALING AND DELIVERANCE ministry to all who feel the need on our conferences.

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