CB2G History

Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you have not known! Jer 3 V 33



(Come Back To God Campaign)

A missionary society at work in Great Britain today






CB2G has been funded only by our prayers and sacrificial giving for over 60 years now.


If you are looking for a compelling true story of how God still does miracles today you will want to purchase:



Written by our founder Rev. Dennis Paterson this book contains an honest account of what life is like when you allow the Lord to direct not only your life but your finances. Dennis Paterson was called by God to create a missionary society, training school and conference centre where people could come and learn about the deeper things of God and the victory they can have in their lives....there was only one problem ....Pastor Dennis was to rely on God to provide every penny needed for this mission. He turned this vision into a reality and left us to be with his Lord 8 years ago. Pastor Dennis is gone but God and the work still remain ...funded only through prayers and God's mighty hand of provision.




If you are at all interested in the things of God this is a book "you can not put down."