Who We Are

Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which you have not known! Jer 3 V 33



(Come Back To God Campaign)

A missionary society at work in Great Britain today



The Come Back To God Campaign is a team of ORDINARY people who have EXPERIENCED that God is not only real but its also intimately interested in our personal lives. We have been changed by the forgiveness and love of God and GENUINELY desire to share with others the GOODNESS OF GOD. We know only too well that WE ARE NOT PERFECT but as we endeavour to walk closely with the Lord we experience HIS STRENGH AND KINDNESS. God is good and we want others to truely know His power and goodness also.


Since the founding of CB2G over 60 years ago Britain has changed in many ways, but something that hasn't changed is the pain and heartache people live in daily. So many people have litte or no peace in their lives and nothing that can be a rock of stability. At CB2G we are excited to share the GOD WHO NEVER CHANGES and the PEACE that Jesus Jesus gives to all. We RESPECT the rights and privacy of others and therefore desire to naturally live out WHAT GOD HAS DONE IN OUR LIVES as a testimony to the GOOD NEWS.


Jesus made the way open for ALL to come to God. At CB2G we welcome ANYONE who would like to hear more about the saving power of Jesus and learn how to have a living relationship with Him!.



Our resident team consists of full time and part time workers who have a PASSION to see people meet with the One Who can change their lives. Our team members are trained in our vocational training school - Adelaide College. Whilst studying at the college our trainees gain practical experience by working as a valued member of the CB2G team. Our students leave Adelaide College not only with a DIPLOMA IN CHRISTAIN STUDIES but also receive instruction on how to effectively and safely undertake HEALING AND DELIVERANCE MINISTRY, which is one of the major ministries of CB2G.


Over 60 YEARS since CB2G was founded there has been a steady flow of students and staff working with us at our headquarters and throughout Britain to share the LOVE OF CHRIST and His LIFE CHANGING POWER with as many as possible.


You will notice that our ministries are DIVERSE and these reflect the diversity of our team members too: we ENCOURAGE our team to develop their talents to become as SKILLED as possible in various areas.